Freelance Django Developer Remote In Us at Niche, Inc.

New York City,NY,United StatesFeb 27, 2017

Speciality Stack

  • Back end Development
  • Front end Development
  • Integration
  • Lead Developer

Technology Stack

  • Web Programming
    • Django
    • Salt
    • CSS
    • Javascript
      • Twitter Bootstrap
      • JQuery
      • Less Framework
  • Revision Control Software
    • git
    • Relational Database

Startup company seeks freelance Python / Django developer for putting finishing touches on our product. We are practically in our eleventh hour and need additional help to get ready and appropriately scalable for primetime. Ongoing maintenance will be needed as well.

Our current stack includes:

  • Django
  • Celery
  • Postgresql
  • Stripe
  • Fabric
  • Saltstack

Full stack experience a plus.

This is a remote position, but we can only accept US-based developers at this time.


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